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 Using Your Files in Adobe Reader:

I am trying to open the PDF files in Photoshop and it is asking for a password.

My PDF files are to be opened & edited in Adobe Reader only. You cannot open them in a graphic design program such as Photoshop or Illustrator (they are password protected). Opening your PDF files in one these programs will corrupt the editable text formatting. Download a fresh copy of the printable from your download links and open in Adobe Reader.

The text doesn’t look the same as in your photos. 

This will be because you have not opened the file(s) in Adobe Reader on your desktop/laptop. Please download a fresh copy of your printables and open the files in Adobe Reader. Please note that just double clicking on the file will open it in your default PDF Viewer which may not be the latest version of Adobe Reader. To be sure you open the file in Adobe Reader, open Adobe Reader first and then go to File/Open to locate and open your file.  You can go here to see a tutorial on how to ensure you are opening the files in Adobe Reader.  Also ensure that you are not using the files on a smartphone or tablet or that you have downloaded the Adobe Reader App rather than the full version of Adobe Reader.  The Adobe Reader App will not work with these files.  You will need to use the full version of Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop which you can download for free at 


I can't edit the text on my Editable Text Printable.

If you have opened any of the files on your smartphone, Ipad or other mobile device it may cause you problems when you go to edit the text on your computer. Please download a fresh copy. The next step is to ensure that you are opening the files in Adobe Reader. Open Adobe Reader and go to File/Open to locate your file.  You can go here to see a tutorial on how to ensure you are opening the files in Adobe Reader. 


I can't save the text on my Editable Text Printable. 

If you can enter your text but not save it, you most likely have the invitation open in your web browser and not saved to your computer and opened in Adobe Reader.  Save the invitation to your computer.  Next open up Adobe Reader.  Go to the top menu and go to File / Open and from the pop up, choose the file from where you have saved it on your computer.


On my Editable Text Printable I have a black + sign at the end of my text.

This + sign means that either your text is too long for the text field, or you have hidden text or spaces at the end of your text (ie. not all the sample text was deleted).  Go to the end of your text and hit delete several times until the + sign disappears. If your printable is one that allows you to change font & font size (see listing), hit CONTROL+E (pc users) or COMMAND+E (mac users) to bring up the Text Properties Toolbar. From here you can change font size.


The Flag Banner file only has two flags. How do I create banner with "Happy Birthday Jill"?

Simply type in your first two letters and then do File/Save As and name the file. Repeat this for all the letters you want in the banner.


How do I email the Invitation?

For PC: You can go here to convert your file to JPEG format (the format needed to email or post to social media): . To crop down to a single invitation, you can email it to me for cropping or you can open it up in Paint. To access Paint you click on the Start button, locate Accessories or Windows Accessories, and then click on Paint. In this program you will be able to crop to a single invitation.


For MAC:  With your invitation opened in Adobe Reader, press the Shift+Command+4 keys at the same time to bring up the crosshairs. Click down the mouse and carefully drag the crosshairs to select one invitation. Once you have finished dragging across the invitation release the mouse. You will hear the camera click. Your invitation will be now sitting on your Desktop in PNG format. You are ready to email your invitation.

If your preferences are set to highlight the text fields, you need to turn this off before copying your invitation. To do this hit CONTROL+K (pc users) or COMMAND+K (mac users) to bring up your Preferences. In the left menu, click on Forms. Under Highlight Color, click off the box beside "Show border hover color for fields".

Please note that this copied invitation will not be print quality.


How do I remove the grey highlighting over the text fields?

 This will not print out but if you would prefer the text fields not be highlighted, hit CONTROL+K (pc users) or COMMAND+K (mac users) at the same time to bring up Preferences.  Click on Forms from the menu and go to the Highlight Color section.  Click off of the box beside "Show border hover color for fields".