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My colours are printing differently than yours.

1.  For Editable Text PDF files - check that you indeed have the file open in Adobe Reader.  Just double clicking on the file will open it in your default PDF Viewer which may not be Adobe Reader.  Follow the Instructions in your downloads on how to open the file in Adobe Reader.

If you have opened the editable text PDF files in a program other than Adobe Reader OR you have opened them on your smartphone or tablet, redownload the applicable files as the files may be corrupted.

If the above does not apply or you are using JPEG format files:

1. Ensure that you are printing in high quality, no scaling (actual size) and that you have selected the proper paper type. Choosing regular paper in print set up when you are printing on card stock will alter the colour as the printer reduces the ink output for thinner paper.  You will find all of these options in the Print Pop Up that comes up when you print or in Print Set Up.

2. Ensure that your ink levels are sufficient.

3. If you are still having troubles try to "Print as Image" for editable text PDF files. That may correct your colour issues.  You will find this under "Advanced" in the print set up pop up.

*Note that each printer will print differently and that colors may appear slightly differently on your computer monitor versus what your printer will produce.


Some of the words or letters are not printing? Everything looks fine in Print Preview but certain words don't print out.

►Restarting your computer and printer may clear any issues with the printer reading the PDF file. You may also want to download a fresh copy of the file from your download links if the file has been corrupted during download.

Another way to correct printer / Adobe Reader issues is to do the following:

1. In the Adobe Reader menu at the top, choose File > Print, and then click Advanced.

Mac OS: If you don't see the Advanced button, click the Down Arrow (to the right of the Printer pop-up menu). 

2. Select Print as Image. 

3. Click OK to close the Advanced Print Setup dialog box, and then click OK to print.


How do I print the Editable Text Invitation?

​To print invitations that are set up as single 4x6 or 5x7 you will need to change your paper size in Properties in the print menu.  This is also where you choose your paper type (i.e. cardstock or photo paper) and your print quality (high). You just change the page size to 4x6 or 5x7 and then print on the same size photo paper.  If you would rather print 2 per letter size page, I can email you the invitation set up so that you can print 2 per page with instructions on how to do this.

If your invitations are already set up to print 2 per page, you can choose letter size page size (8.5x11) or A4.  If you would prefer to print a single invitation on 5x7 photo paper, you can email me your invitation file with your text changes to and I will crop to a single invitation and send you the file in JPEG format.


How do I make the waterbottle label waterproof?

I print on regular paper and tape in place on the waterbottle.  I then cover with mac tac (or clear vinyl tape).  This keeps the paper dry and waterproof.


I took my file to a copy centre and they say they can't handle password protected files or that they require a password.

The editable text PDF files are password protected and need to be printed using Adobe Reader.  Copy Centers that will print password protected PDF format files using Adobe Reader include Office Depot, Office Max & Fed Ex.  Take the files in on a memory stick.  Do no use online uploading systems. Ensure the technician prints the files using Adobe Reader. Any other program will ask for a password.

If they need a Client Release form to print the files, you can download that here:


I would like to print my file(s) at a photo lab like Walmart, Walgreens or Costco.

If you would really prefer to use a photo lab or your print shop cannot print password protected PDF files using Adobe Reader, then you can go here to convert your file to JPEG format: .

I took my kit to the printers and they say they need a password.

​If the files are printed with Adobe Reader they will not require a password. Copy Centers that will handle password protected PDF format files with Adobe Reader include Office Depot, Office Max & Fed Ex.  Unfortunately due to copyright issues, the password on the file is not something that I can give out.  If your chosen copy center/print shop cannot handle password protected PDF files or will not use Adobe Reader,  you can convert them to JPEG format here: Any photo lab or printer will be able to print the JPEG format file.