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What is an Editable Text Party Kit?

An Editable Text Party Kit is a kit containing party decorations in digital PDF format for you to print out at home (or a print shop).  It will contain items such as invitations, banners, cupcake toppers, favor boxes and much more!   You just type your text right into the preformatted PDF files to personalize, then print, cut and decorate!  To use the kit you must open and handle the files with the latest version of Adobe Reader available for free download here.  Many people already have Adobe Reader on their computer but you must ensure that you have updated it to the latest version.  Once you have done this you are now ready to open the file!
You just type in your own information over my sample text to fit your party or event.


How quickly will I receive my file?

You will receive your files immediately following a completed payment.   If you pay by e-check than your file will be available once your e-check clears.If  you don't receive your email with your links, check your spam folder.  If you still can't find them there just email me and I will resend your download links.


Can I change the layout of the text?

In our editable text PDF files you can change the text but not the layout of the text fields or the graphics.

What if I use a Mac?

My party printables will not work with Mac's pdf viewer called Preview so you will need to download and use the latest version of Adobe Reader for Mac.  If you use Preview the text will not appear properly and the colours will be off. If you save any changes while you are in Preview, you will corrupt the file.  Download the latest version of Adobe Reader here and ensure that you are opening the file using Adobe Reader. To ensure this, first open Adobe Reader.  Then go to File / Open & choose the file you want to open from its saved location from Adobe Reader.  Just double clicking on the file from its saved location without doing it through Reader will open the file in your default PDF Viewer which will probably be Preview and not Adobe Reader.


How do I print my kit?

You can either print at home or at your local copy center. If you plan to print at a copy centre, ensure that your copy center can handle password protected PDF files.  Examples of copy centers that can handle password protected files are Office Max, Office Depot & some locations of Staples (call ahead before going).


If you would like to print at Costco, Walmart or other locations that will only handle JPEG format files or that can't handle password protected PDF files you can email me your PDF files with your text changes and I can convert the files to  JPEG format for you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) and send them back to you.  You will not be able to convert your password protected PDF files to JPEG format yourself.  Again, I would need to do that for you after you add your text changes.

Print the files on white heavyweight cardstock, ensuring that you are choosing high quality print.  Further directions on printing are included with your downloads.


What supplies will I need?

Paper - I recommend white 110 wt cardstock or photo paper.  The cardstock can sometimes be found at Walmart but you will probably need to go to an office supply store (ie. Staples).

Punches for toppers (optional) - Michaels and other craft stores will carry these.

Ink for your printer - There are cheap options online.  Note that if you use ink cartridges that are not name brand for your printer (ie. Canon) then you can void your warranty.  However, if your printer is past warranty than you can buy cheaper "compatible" options.  Email me if you want me to share the companies I often use.


Tape, glue or Double sided tape - Available at any dollar store or office supply store.

Lollipop sticks - Available at craft stores (ie. Michaels), bulk food stores (ie. Bulk Barn) Walmart or Target.


Paper Cutter or Scissors - Available at craft stores (ie. Michaels), Walmart or Target.​


Score Tool - For creating nice folds on your printables.  Available at craft stores.